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1 Adopted Williamson-Dabbs, Bobbie June (I700)
2 Adopted by Steven Smith in 1997. Smith, Amber Lynn (I68)
3 Adopted by Thomas and Mary Ratliff Ratliff, Rebecca Lynn (I314)
4 Adopted by Tom and Lola on June 2, 1955. Hicks, Gayle Anne (I42)
5 Bobbie June Williamson-Dabbs was kin to Dora's first husband. Henry and Dora adopted her. Williamson-Dabbs, Bobbie June (I700)
6 Bonnie Powell Hicks married Bennie Fred Wood (DOB 22 Aug 1924) on 06 Oct 2000. Lee, Bonnie Powell (I400)
7 Carl T. Hicks and wife, Emily, adopted the children of their late daughter, Annie, and they will be known as "Hicks". Family: Edward Russell, Sr. / Anne Louise Hicks (F151)
8 Carson was adopted by his mother's sister after his parents death. Ratliff Del-Greco, Carson Davis (I737)
9 Children from Robin's first marriage:

Ian Scott born 23 Oct 1979

Andrea Lynn born 26 Mar 1983


Ian married Tara Sue Hall on 24 Jun 2005

Tara and Ian Sansolo

Adelyn Rose Sansolo born 8 Mar 2010 
Family: LCDR Charles Omar Ellis / Robin Gail Sansolo (F117)
10 David Allen Presnell was David Allen Mosler. His name was changed after his mother, Betty Lou married David Presnell. Presnell, David Allen (I96)
11 David Allen's last name changed from "Mosler" to "Presnell".
Presnell, David Allen (I96)
12 Debbie Brown's maiden name is "Brown". Family: Gary Scott Brown / Deborah Kay Brown (F75)
13 Deneise has two children:

Hailey Peed
D. J. Tiben 
Dakin, Deneise A. (I134)
14 Dottie Pittman married Stephen A. Ward on August 18, 1979. Steve died on January 18, 1980. Family: James Hicks Pittman, Sr. / Dorthy Jean Gault (F226)
15 Dottie Pittman Ward married Clifford G. (Bill) Currie on March 28, 1982. Bill died on December 29, 1984. Family: James Hicks Pittman, Sr. / Dorthy Jean Gault (F226)
16 Earl killed in action during WW II. Hicks, Edgar Earl (I31)
17 Ed has two soms:

Christopher (Chris) John Holmes - DOB 17 Jul 1971

Randy Edward Holmes - DOB 01 Mar 1965 
Family: Henry Edward Holmes / Patricia Louise McCroskey (F273)
18 Ed's son from his first marriage:

Edward Joseph Connrad, Jr. born 27 Apr 1975

Ed Jr. married Heather Marie Lynch (DOB 13 Jan 1980) on
23 Jun 2000. 
Family: Edward Joseph Conrad / Hope Marie Ellis (F120)
19 Etta Cornelia Pittman died 24 Sep 1917 with infant son. Family: James Franklin Hicks, Sr. / Nealie Cornelia Pittman (F68)
20 Eva's daughter:

Ella Del Pino born 21 Apr 2002 
Family: Eric Matthew Seawell / Eva Del Pino (F139)
21 Father is Austin Butler Butler, Kylee Jo (I150)
22 Father is Jeffrey Caulder Caulder, Adalynn Marie (I770)
23 Father is Jeffrey Caulder Caulder, Grayson Wayne (I763)
24 Harmony's son from a previous marriage:

Christian Aime born 10 Oct 2000 
Family: Omar Shean Ellis / Harmony Anne Blauch (F119)
25 Heather Ann has a son named Keith Justin Clay Mahoney. Family: David Allen Presnell / Heather Ann Geary Mahoney (F36)
26 Historian Virginia Hogan received notice on April 12, 1998 that John Steven has changed his name from McDaniel to Hicks in honor of his grandparents, who raised him. Hicks, John Steven (I138)
27 Jacob was adopted by Steven and Denese Pittman on 13 Nov 2002. Jacob was Denese's brother's son (her nephew). Pittman, Jacob Lee (I611)
28 Janice married Lawrence McGilbra Cutchin (DOB 27 May 1937) on 11 Nov 1972. Family: Carl Thomas Hicks, Jr. / Janice Baum Atkinson (F162)
29 Karen's full name:

Harriet Karen Brown Brown Rogers Heliker 
Family: Albert Clyde Brown / Harriet Karen Brown (F77)
30 Karsyn Claire Haley

Father - Joshua Rivers Haley - DOB 11-11-93 
Hailey, Karsyn Claire (I769)
31 Kelly was adopted by E.B. abd Barbara Morse, III. Morse, Kelly Christian (I520)
32 Mae O'Shields, a niece has lived with them sice early childhood, and the Hicks' all calim her as our own.

Mae O'Shields, adopted daughter of John Edward and Lula O'Shields Hicks, died 16 Aug 1993 (on Friday after Easter). She was buried April 19 in the Hicks/O'Shields plot of West Oakwood Cemetery, Spartanburg, SC..
The cousins cherish the memories of the many times Mae attended the Hicks Reunions. It is with much regret that news of Mae's death was not received prior to her burial. 
Family: John Edward Hicks / Lula O'Shields (F183)
33 Mark R. Hicks, now Lt. Colonel Mark R. Hicks, is now in command of 71st transportation battalion at Ft. Euttis, Va.. Family: Colonel (ret) Mark Raymond Hicks / Susan Michelle Gough (F109)
34 Matthew was adopted by E.B. abd Barbara Morse, III in October 1973. Morse, Matthew Wade (I519)
35 Monica Lee Taylor Meachum is Beverly's daughter by her first marriage. Monica has become a part of the Hicks family due to her faithful attendance at the Hicks and Pittman gatherings. Taylor, Monica Lee (I601)
36 Name changed from Russell to Hicks. Hicks, Carol Lynn (I372)
37 Name changed from Russell to Hicks. Hicks, Edward Lee Jr. (I373)
38 Name changed from Russell to Hicks. Hicks, Richard Neal (I374)
39 Name changed from Russell to Hicks. Hicks, Patricia Ann (I375)
40 Neal and Trudy gave birth to twin sons on the 15th of July, 1974. The twins lived about five hours and were buried at Richmond Memorial Park, Rockingham, NC. Family: William Nealson Watkins, Jr. / Alice Gertrude Trudy Dawkins (F219)
41 Nealie Cornelia Pittman died 24 Sep 1917 with infant son. Pittman, Nealie Cornelia (I179)
42 Nealie Cornelia Pittman was a sister to Ira Pittman, Jennie Hicks Pittmans's husband. Pittman, Nealie Cornelia (I179)
43 On August 18, 2009 Kayla Sierra Montgomery was adopted by John Hicks. Hicks, Kayla Sierra (I143)
44 Rachel has a daughter from a previous marriage, Alama Annelie Mitchell born on 27 Dec 1996. Family: Timothy Coy McDaniels / Rachel Elizabeth Chaney (F194)
45 Robert Emmett McCroskey's first marriage was to Lydia White, who died after giving birth to their son Theodore McCroskey in 1910. Theodore was raised by his Uncle John D. White and two Aunts. He married Juanita Parker, and they had six chidren:

Larry (born 1938)
Theodore, Jr.
Mary Catherine, who died at the age of three

Theodore died in 1968. Juanita died in 1990. 
McCroskey, Robert Emmett (I654)
46 Samuel "Sam" has a child named April Lauren Rivers. Rivers, Samuel Lee (I164)
47 Sandra has a child named Amanda Cottinhham. Cottinhham, Sandra Bullard (I149)
48 Specifically: Ashes stored at the Central Christian Church Disciples of Christ on Keene Rd. in Clearwater, Florida. Williamson-Dabbs, Bobbie June (I700)
49 Specifically: Ashes stored at the Central Christian Church Disciples of Christ on Keene Rd. in Clearwater, Florida. Ledbetter, John Steven (I702)
50 Stacey Lynne Pope (stepdaughter of Marshall Ervin Ross) married Jerry Dale Helmandollar on March 4, 2000.

Their children are:

Joshua David Helmandollar born on 14 Feb 2002

Emma Faith Helmandollar born on 24 Feb 2004 
Family: Marshall Ervin Ross / Terrie Bridges Pope (F102)

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